Foodie Tour Poznań

Looking for a foodie tour for small groups or individual travellers? Here you go. Our guide will take you on a 1h tour around the Market Square and then stage a tasting event in one of the best local restaurants. You will be served a tasting plate with 3 flagship dishes of local cuisine. Some of those you will need to prepare yourself:)

Commie Bus Tour

Commie Bus Tour is a trip by a loud, uncomfortable retro bus back to communist times. With this luxurious vehicle, you will trace communist relics like buildings, squares, monuments – anything of importance dating back from the era. Ideal for “all disbelievers from the imperialist West.”

Guided Tour: Roots of Poznań

Poznan Cathedral Sightseeing Guided Tour: the Roots of Poznan The Cathedral Island in Poznań is a silent witness of a thousand-year-old history of the city and Poland itself. It is here that Mieszko I – the first Christian duke of Poland – had his stone palace built with a fortified settlement. In 968 the construction […]

Kat miejski Poznań

Spectacle Tour

What is the best guided tour scenario for visitors from distant countries and cultural backgrounds? A tour with actors! Our guide will take you on a tour where you will meet historical characters from the city’s past. They will boast their skills and help illustrate the guide’s stories and break the cultural and language barriers. This tour will be a long-lasting memory for your group.