Time Travels walking tour

Time Travels walking tour Poznań

Time Travels walking tour

Sightseeing Poznań with role guides



This is an ideal offer if:

  • you want a guided tour around the most popular sights in Poznań
  • you want a non-standard and entertaining tour
  • your guests are from distant cultures with limited knowledge of English.
  • you want an unforgettable tour with a wow effect.



This is not a good idea if:

  • your guests expect expert historical commentaries with a large dose of new knowledge – check Icons of Poznań.
  • your guests are dead serious and you think they have no sense of humour:)
  • sorry, we can’t think of any other instances where this tour wouldn’t suit


What is it about?

Imagine the guide dressed up in a costume … be it a 17th C. Polish nobleman. He’s wearing an ornamented sabre at his side, long leather boots and a feather cap. He greets you with a tough hug and brags about his war exploits. He takes out the sabre and … points it at the Town Hall and explains to you the political message on its facade. Or imagine a beautiful girl from the 10th C., when Christianity clashed with paganism. She’s wearing mysterious charms and keeps talking about gods and beliefs from the past. She then takes you to the crypt, where Mieszko I was buried – the prince who brought an end to her religion. This is the essence of Time Travel tours.


More than just comments

Believe us – the guide’s costume, props and a theatre-like narration will catch the groups’ attention much better than raw comments. Our guide will help you appreciate the climate and of the places visited and bring its history back to life. Such a tour will be especially appreciated by foreign tourists, who have a limited knowledge of Polish culture.


Which sights are included?

Depending on the duration (2h or 3h) you will see the most commonly visited sights:


  • Cathedral Island (Ostrów Tumski) with the cathedral crypt (3h)
  • Old Market Square
  • Renaissance Town Hall and the surroundings
  • Baroque Parish Church
  • Jesuit Collage complex
  • Royal Castle


For breaking cultural barriers

How to explain to your guests who the Polish nobility were, how they dressed, etc. if there is a wide cultural barrier between the guide and your guests? In such cases, a guide’s commentary is not enough, to break the barrier. Historical costumes and mini spectacles are the easiest way to ensure understanding and create authentic interest, especially if there are language barriers too.


What’s included in Time Travel tours?

  • City guide in a costume (available languages: ENG, DE)
  • 2h or 3h tour
  • Unlimited selfies with the actors
  • Unforgettable memories:)


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