Nalewka Tasting

Nalewka tasting

Polish liquors with history


What is it about?

“Nalewka” is a type of alcoholic drink deeply rooted in Polish history. The drink doesn’t even have a direct translation into English – the closest being “a cordial”. It is similar to vodka, but it is not produced through alcohol distillation. Usually home-made, it is made from spirits that is poured over fruits, herbs, honey, flowers, nuts, roots or even porter beer! This abundance of recipes originates from Polish noble tradition, according to which each decent family produced their own nalewkas for medical purposes and passed proven recipes from generation to generation. It is this abundance of flavours and deeply-rooted tradition that we present during this event.


Taste and judge the 4 tastes

You’re are going to become a nalewka contest judge – a trained expert who scores the cordials on different counts: colour, smell, taste, alcohol content. Of course we won’t tell you the what the main ingredient is – you will have to use all of your senses to figure it out. Yet, there is a tasty and colourful prize waiting for the best judges with the most acute senses.


Learn the story

Secret mixtures of herbs, recipes found in age-old chronicles, traditions passed from generation to generation – these are the stories hiding behind each nalewka selected for the tasting. We have visited the places where the cordials are being made and we talked to their creators. This is how we got first-hand accounts and made unique photographs, which we are now going to share with you. And, last but not least, having heard the story behind each nalewka, you will also score it on the evaluation sheet. To create a historical atmosphere, our nalewka expert will dress in a Polish 17th C. nobility dress.


Where does it take place?

Unless specified otherwise, the tastings take place at our partner restaurants near the Market Square. The cheapest option is when lunch/dinner take place in the same restaurant as the tasting. Usually in this case there is no extra cost for occupying restaurant space. Please contact us and we will help you arrange the place at the best or no price at all. Any costs of renting the venue are not included in the price given.


What are you getting in Nalewka Tasting?

  • You taste 4 carefully selected nalewkas.
  • Through photographs and stories you learn about the tradition behind each liquor.
  • You take part in a tasting competition and have a chance of winning a tasty prize.
  • Our expert shows up in a historical 17th C. noble dress.


Staropolskie nalewki degustacja 9

Staropolskie nalewki degustacja 1

Staropolskie nalewki degustacja 3

Staropolskie nalewki degustacja 4

Staropolskie nalewki degustacja 5

Staropolskie nalewki degustacja 7

Staropolskie nalewki degustacja 6

Staropolskie nalewki degustacja 8

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