Poznań QR code city game

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Poznań QR code city game

Discover Poznań with technology


What is it about?

Poznań QR code city game is three in one: sightseeing, discovering the city through multimedia and team competition. You take your smartphone or tablet with a QR code scanner and off you go to search for hidden QR codes around the Market Square. We will help you to find the first code, you scan it, you open a webpage and complete a specific task. It can be a logical puzzle, finding architecture details or shooting a selfie. Once the task is done, you will receive a hint to the next location with a password, so forget about taking shortcuts! To cut it short – scan the code in the cover picture above this text and see yourself!


Smartphone is all you need!

This game requires opening and reading webpages so you will need at least one smartphone with mobile Internet connection per 5 people. Considering the popularity of those devices and ever dropping rates of mobile Internet, this requirement should not be a problem. If it is, we can arrange Polish SIM cards for you.


Multimedia, multimedia

All the tasks in the game are online, which gives a great opportunity for using multimedia. You will browse through picture galleries, use Google Maps and Google Translate, watch short YouTube videos or even takes selfies in front of tourist spots of the city.


Team competition

Poznań QR code city game can be set up as a tournament for maximum 6 groups of 5-6 people. This means we can engage up to 40 people in one game. The goal is to be the first team to reach the final destination within a given time limit. If no team reaches the finish, the winner will be the team that has successfully completed the most tasks. This mode of the game makes it a good proposition for a company teambuilding event.


What are you getting in Poznań QR code city game?: 

  • You will visit and learn about approx. 15 historical locations.
  • You will solve engaging riddles and perform tasks with the use of multimedia.
  • Winners will get attractive souvenirs as prizes
  • You will be given a referee who will pass on instructions and make sure you do not get lost or stuck in the game.
  • You will experience sightseeing combined with team competition.


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 Call me for more details. Adam Dykiert.

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