Retro Tram Tour

Retro Tram Tour

Roll through the streets of Poznań in a retro tram


What is it about?

Retro Tram Tour is a great option for organised groups who want to see the overview of the city in limited time and in weather-proof conditions. In short it looks like this – we start at a specified tram stop where we are picked up by one of 5 historical trams rented exclusively for our group. The 5 available tram models can take up to 60 people on board, with 30-40 sitting. The oldest model Konstal “N” dates back to 1950’s. The route is custom-planned and it always includes the most iconic tourist sights in the city:

  • Cathedral on the Cathedral Island
  • Imperial Castle and Imperial District
  • Liberty Square
  • St. Martin Street
  • Malta

Please note the route is subject to road works.

What is very convenient about the tour is that it is weather-proof. All trams are heated and rain-proof, which means a comfortable tour regardless of the weather.


How do we make it interesting?

A good commentary with sense of humour is a must, but it is not enough to keep the audience engaged. To make sure you won’t fall asleep, we use several gadgets and tricks. If possible, the guide puts on an old-school tram-staff uniform, we punch your retro tickets and on your seats you are going to find mysterious packed objects. We are going to unpack them together! All of them are somehow connected with the city and will help you understand its culture. All that comes with a pinch of salt, of course 🙂


Sweet option – St. Martin Croissant

Poznań has a tradition of baking St. Martin Croissants. While going along St. Martin Street, past St. Martin Church, we are going to tell you the story of how the croissant tradition originated. This is a perfect moment to treat your guest with a freshly baked, separately packed St. Martin Croissant. We guarantee the sweet taste of the croissant is going to be the most memorable event of the day!


What are you getting in Retro Tram Tour: 

  • A group ride in a retro tram rented exclusively for you
  • An interesting and entertaining guide commentary
  • Gadgets for animating the tour
  • Dressed up guide – subject to availability
  • Optional – St. Martin croissants delivered to the tram.


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