Poznań Beer Tour

Poznań Beer Tour - open beer tour 2018

Poznań Beer Tour

Disover 7 local beers in 2 hours


This is an ideal tour, if:

  • you’d like to taste a variety of local beers, inlcuding craft beers
  • you’d like to learn something about Polish beer culture
  • you’re with a group of friends looking for a tour at a reasonable price



This is not a good tour, if:

  • you’re looking for a combination of traditional sightseeing and food tasting – try Foodie Poznań Tour
  • you are with a bigger group (10+) and you’re looking for a food and beer tour – try Poznań Feast Tour
  • you don’t like beer, then sorry no juice tasting here:)


What does it look like?

We will take you on a beer tour to 3 pubs around the Market Square in Poznań, where you will taste and evaluate 7 beers illustrating the 3 stages of beer evolution in Poland. We are going to taste a few local well or lesser known local beers, which can be quite a surprise especially for foreigners. Next on the go will be a range of flavored craft beers, which only recently stopped being called “feminine”. The last pick will be the craziest and most bizzare craft beers you have no idea they even exist. Our guide will familiarize you with the basics of beer making, the basic beer types and how to recognize one from another. You will also learn how to extract deeper aromas and tastes from your beer. And we won’t let you go without a gadget – a beer evaluation card with a beer style guide at the back.


Bilingual guides – both Polish and English

Our beer guides speak both Polish and English, so feel free to take a group of friends of colleagues from abroad.


What’s included in Poznań Beer Tour:

  • 7 beers (100-150 ml each per person) in 3 pubs.
  • a bilingual guide (Polish and English)
  • an evaluation card with a beer style guide
  • Beer snacks

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