Polish Culture Evening

Wieczór Polski - Impreza tematyczna City Event Poznań

Polish Culture Evening

Theme dinner for incentive travellers


What is it about?

Imagine you have just arrived in Poznań as part of your company incentive trip. It is dinner time and you have just come to the venue – a wooden thatched house with a historical interior that looks as if it was a museum. The buffet has opened and the staff, dressed in old-looking costumes help you choose the food saying what is what. Then a presenter gets on the stage and announces the start of the evening and introduces the next attraction on the agenda of the Polish Culture Evening company event. This is an example beginning of the event.


Polish food, archive music, sword fencing and more …

Except for excellent food, we have envisaged a series of attractions catering for different tastes. If you look for a more toned-down attraction, we recommend a live concert of classical archive music. That means music composed centuries ago and recently found and revived by a group of passionate music historians. If you prefer something more lively and engaging, a group of reenactors, fully dressed and armed, will roleplay a 17th C. sabre fight involving volunteers from your group. Next, to settle down a bit, you are going to taste iconic Polish alcohols including nalewki (fruit cordials) and meads.


Example agenda:

  1. Old Polish welcome – with bread and salt
  2. Open buffet with iconic Polish food
  3. Live archive music concert
  4. Interactive sabre fight performance
  5. Tastings of iconic Polish alcohols
  6. Dance party in between attractions

The above is just an example. Each agenda is customised according to client needs.


What are you getting from us?

  • Dedicated evening scenario with Polish culture as the main theme.
  • Choice of proven caterers and Polish dishes.
  • Venue and accommodation suggestions.
  • Transport to the evening venue.
  • Professional speaker for the evening.
  • Staff and event manager available on the spot.

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