Guided Tour: Roots of Poznań

Cathedral of Poznań

Poznan Cathedral Sightseeing

Guided Tour: the Roots of Poznan

The Cathedral Island in Poznań is a silent witness of a thousand-year-old history of the city and Poland itself. It is here that Mieszko I – the first Christian duke of Poland – had his stone palace built with a fortified settlement. In 968 the construction of the catherdral starts, making it the oldest cathedral in Poland. This is the main theme of the tour Roots of Poznań – a tour around the very beginnings of the Polish state.

Having explored the Cathedral Island, we will take you to the Old Market Square – the most representative part of the city. This is where city life boomed between 13th and 17th century. We will tell you what political message is written on the Renaissance Town Hall. You will learn why the executioner was the most hated person in the city. You will experience how the Jesuits used your senses to make you stay in their church.


The itinerary includes:

  • Cathedral and the crypts*
  • Former Ducal Palace – today Church of Virgin Mary
  • Genius Loci Archeological Reserve*
  • Walk around the Island
  • Famous goats of Poznań
  • Whipping pole and Stallkeeper’s Houses
  • Former Jesuit Church and College
  • Royal Castle*

*entrance paid, 

Cathedral: 6 zł/prs



  • 400 zł/group (ENG, DE, ESP, FR, RUS, ITA)
  • Duratinon: max 3h


 Questions? – Call Adam!


Katedra Poznańska

Katedra Poznań Most Jordana

Katedra Poznań Ołtarz Główny

Katedra Poznań podziemia

Katedra Poznań Brama Poznania

Kościół pw. NMP in Summo

Ostrów Tumski Poznań Kanonia

Rezerwat Genius Loci Poznań

Wizytówki Poznania

Poznańskie Koziołki

Domki Budnicze Poznań

Odwach Rynek Poznań

Fara Poznań Ołtarz Główny

Fara Poznań nawa boczna

Zamek Przemysła Poznań

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