Commie Bus Tour

Commie Bus Tour

A bus trip back to commie Poland


Tour unavailable till Feb 1st 2018 due to bus maintenance. Sad news for us too :(.

Check Retro Tram Tour as an alternative.



This is an ideal offer if:

  • you are looking for a humorous, party-like tour off the beaten path
  • you want to learn about life under communism in Poland
  • you are looking for a tour independent from the weather


This is not a good offer if:

  • you expect a traditional tour with a lot of facts about communism – order a dedicated tour
  • you want to see the tourist highlights of the city – check Retro Tram Tour
  • you can’t stand the scent of diesel and uncomfortable seats:)


What is it about?

Commie Bus Tour is a trip by a loud, uncomfortable retro bus back to communist times. With this luxurious vehicle, you will trace communist relics like buildings, squares, monuments – anything of importance dating back from the era. To get a better feel of those times, we will use music, animations and stories told by the guide, naturally dressed up in a commie era uniform.


Mysterious props

A bagful of props will help you understand life in the former People’s Republic of Poland. Starting from old-style tickets to be punched by the guide to the highly coveted ration cards, each prop will help you travel back to the times of long queues, endless shortages and omnipresent socialist propaganda.


The other side of the iron curtain

This tour will be a perfect occasion for visitors from the “imperialist West” to see with their own eyes the “superiority of socialism over rotten capitalism.” We will finally tear the curtain of “American propaganda” and show all disbelievers how prosperous, peace-loving and happy people are, living under the “enlightened leadership of the Communist Party.”


What are you getting in Commie Bus Tour

  • Ride on a retro bus from the 70’s
  • Mysterious prop bag as a gift
  • Entertaining animations
  • English speaking guide in a retro uniform
  • Omnipresent socialist propaganda:)


Tour details in the upper-right corner of the page


Want to ask a question? – call Adam!


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