A little bit of history

Where are we coming from and what the heck are we doing ?

Our story begins in 2011 when we started as city guides under the brand City Guide Poznań. Since then we have guided well 3000 groups in Poznań and on the Piast Route. We have served all types of tourists – screaming children on school tours, good-natured but demanding pensioners from Germany, loud and happy employees on an incentive trip, even Chinese generals and EU politicians. This is how we gained experience and, over time, we developed love for all things Polish, and most importantly, all things Greater Polish (from Greater Poland – our province).

Thanks to that experience, we have discovered the need to deliver a wider range of city experience – experience that goes beyond traditional walking tours. We have discovered other ways of exploring the city – by tasting local food, meeting the locals, attending live concerts, taking part in city games, exploring unusual places. These are the things we do now as City Event Poznań!


Our mission

What motivates us to dress up and fool around ?

You heard right – staging events is a little bit like playing in a stand up comedy – you dress up, play your role, you create comedy scenarios. You see, toursim is only one part of the game, entertainment is the other. So what motivates us to fool around? Read on:

“We consider ourselves the embassadors of Poznań and the Greater Poland. Our aim is to allow visitors to explore all aspects of our culture: the places, its history, its people and their habits, their work and their products. Inspired by the 19th C. activists in Poznań, we share our knowledge of the region with the aim to inspire love for all things Polish and Greater Polish among our visitors.”


A few words about us.

Who are you dealing with ?