Poznań Beer Tour

Poznańska wycieczka Piwna - Warzelnia w Browarze Lecha

Poznań Beer Tour

Along the golden drink route


“He was a wise man who invented beer”



What is it about?

This tour is for all men and women who love beer. Firstly, we will take you to one of the biggest breweries in Poland – the Lech Brewery, where you will see the whole beer production process: milling, malting, fermenting, conditioning, bottling and canning. Having seen that, you are going to taste the product yourself in a brewery pub built especially for visitors. At your request, a Cervesario (beer expert) will teach you a few tricks on how to pour, serve and taste beer like a real pro. Next we are taking you to the Market Square for a short tour along the beer route combined with a pub crawl where we taste local beers at each visited pub.


Beer and food included?

Of course, we can’t imagine it otherwise. Depending on the variant of the tour: STANDARD, PREMIUM or DELUXE, there are at least 2 beer tastings and snacks. We have chosen the types of beer that come as the biggest surprise and a rarity to foreign visitors.


Beer mixed with …?

As always, we try to keep you active on our tours. Be prepared to take part in funny and sometimes strange competitions and mini shows reviving old Polish beer drinking traditions. As a cherry on the cake, you are going to prepare grzaniec – a very confusing Polish beer drink made from hot beer and an egg! Don’t cringe – it is really tasty!


Tour variants

STANDARD: Sightseeing Lech Brewery with beer tasting, sightseeing along the beer route, 2 local beers + snack.

PREMIUM: Sightseeing Lech Brewery with beer tasting, sightseeing along the beer route, 2 local beers + supper.

DELUXE: Sightseeing Lech Brewery with beer tasting and Cervesario performance, sightseeing along the beer route, 2 local beers + supper.


Tanki – Browary Lech

Pokaz Cervesario – Browary Lech

Piwa regionalne i zagraniczne

Poznańska wycieczka piwna

Poznańska wycieczka piwna 2

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