EIBA 2018 Poznań Feast Tour

Poznsń Feast Tour

Eiba 2018 Poznań Feast Tour

Fri, 14 Dec 2018, 4:30-7:00 pm

Price: 96 pln/prs (~23 EUR)

Poland is world-renowned for its delicious food, so why not combine a guided walk with food tasting? This is what Poznań Feast Tour is all about. Our guide will dress up as a 17th C. Polish nobleman and will take you to 3 different restaurants, each serving different traditional local dishes. Of course, we will eat them together, but not only that. You will learn what each dish is, when it is eaten and on what occasions. Expect interactive food presentations and even a food contest with prizes! WARING – the food portions are big enough not to leave anyone hungry. So don’t book a restuarant for after the tour!

On the way between the restuarants, the guide will show you the historical top sights of the city emploing his old-age humor. Well, just watch the video below – we filmed it during an actual tour. You wil know best, what to expect.



The tour includes:

  • 3 local flagship dishes
  • 3 restaurants in historical locations
  • big portions
  • English speaking guide in a historical costume
  • Food contest with prizes
  • Fun, fun, fun

Minimum no. of participants: 20. Maximum no. of participants: 40


If the minimum no of participants is not reached, we reserve the right to cancel the tour and offer alternatives.



 Any questions? Email mePiotr Oźmina szlachta

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